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"Empowering individuals & strengthening families"

Family Bridges.

At M & A, we recognize the challenges of immigrant Latino parents raising their children in a new country. Our Latino Parenting Education Program is designed to assist Latino parents in learning and developing new and effective parenting skills while integrating the values and customs of their country of origin. 

Services are provided  to couples in the office, or in different community locations if arrangage by community members, (i.e., school, library, churches. police stations, etc).

Latino Parenting Education Program


The program is based on the premise that empowered parents can raise self-sufficient and self-reliant children. Parents will enter into a friendly and supportive atmosphere with opportunities to explore, learn and develop effective parenting skills. Group faciliiators will incorporate principles of social learning, Adlerian psychology, and age appropriate child development to foster a sense of self-efficacy and mastery in each parent's ability to face and overcome the challenges of parenting in the U.S.

The program consist of 4 core elements (Self-awareness and Growth; Knowledge and Flexibility; Prevention; and Partnering with the community) presented in 15 two-hour sessions.

Self-awareness and Growth


  • How to become the parent you always wanted to be? 

  • Parenting and stress what to do?

  • Memories of my country - Loss and acculturation issues

  • How can I make it until the end of the month - Family and finances

Knowledge and Flexibility


  • Safety and health - First aid

  • How can I help my child to succed in school - Intelectual/physical development

  • Socio-emotional development

  • Communication and discipline



  • Sexual education and abuse prevention

  • Alcohol and drug abuse prevention

  • Family and domestic violence prevention

  • Gang involvement prevention

Partnering with the community


  • Identifying and accessing Resources available in my community

  • Becoming partner in my community " en mi barrio"

  • Reaching out for others

The program can be tailored to the needs of the community  (i.e., reduced number of sessions). Emphasis is made, however, on maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the program by addressing the 4 core elements.


To assess change and program effectiveness a pre-test/post-test will be given at the beginning , middle and the end phase of the program.

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Phone: 1-847-360-8860  -  Fax: 1-847-360-8864

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